Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Tips for ya'll if you guys r interested to hike or visit Namhansanseong Fortress in Seoul. From itaewon, i used the subway..its very tricky.u have to focus on which train u r taking so that u dont get in the wrong train. So..here goes 

1. Please bring ur own subway map

2. From itaewon station(brown line no.6) buy a ticket to Sanseong. 
3. Take the brown line subway towards Hangangjin. Dont stop there.. U will stop at Yaksu station. 
4. From Yaksu station (brown line), change to subway no 3 orange line..heading towards Geumho
5. From Yaksu go to Dogok station. Change train again.. Change to Bundang line (yellow line) heading towards Guryong and stop at Bokjeong station.
6. One last change at Bokjeong, chnge to pink line no 8..only one stop to Sanseong.. Then arrived at Sanseong
7. Take the exit no.2 
8. Wait for a shuttle bus no 9 n go to Namhansanseong. 

9. On shuttle bus u have to ask a lot bcoz everything is in Korean..no english. 

10. Arrive in namhansanseong, take ur pick at which gate u wanna start ur hike :)

happy holidays :)

p/s: original pictures taken with OPPO neo 5, edited with photoscape. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


malas to comment much... i flew to KL before raya coz... u know... raya.. me need baju.. n shoes.. n money. somehow...

no.... the point of this draft is to just ..... i donno... to add to my hotel review..probbly

toilet so nice i might fall asleep while i poo poo.. lol 

and u know how i love mirrors!!!!! so much !! i kenotttt escape from mirror selfieee.. 

yass.. love my Lumee case??? got it from amazon.com. u know how obsessed i am with the Kardashians.... still trying to get Kimoji's iphone case tho.. me want the Kim's arse collage and her famous crying face collage bahahahah 

staying alone in the hotel room.... sah sah la tido n***d.... syiiookkkk xde org kacau!!! airconditioned room, view of Bukit Bintang, "Me Before You" streaming live on my phone, and enourmous piles of money to be spent the next day ... *grin* what a life. pppffttt

u know u're pretty special if i call u during a holiday like ziz... :p just saying 

bila u are alone in KL.. who u gonna call..?? ghostbusterssss... kidding.. of kos i called the gang!!!! 

awwwww... say AWWWWW!!!! the besties are here. who else am i supposed to share ziz with. these retards. 

too bad mardy n nat MIA

aint she pretty tho... *shir, say awww*

spent the day with Kerr and Shirr and did some major shoppingggg.. get in losers!!! we're going shopping. and my boob is sayng that there's a 30% chance that its already raining.. ppfffttt

thiss..... is..... how.... u ..... treat.... a ..... lady....... yassssssss. 

"girl, we r all just humans with feelings. do whatever makes u happy and ignore all the hate. and just do whatever makes ur pussy pops. just do you, girl" <------ the best advice i got from 'RealTalk'. hahah :D

see.. i told u.. im really2 obsessed with Kardashian/Jenner clan. hahaha *felt like spending more money*

so..... kesian Kerr had to wait for dinner. hahhahahha.... i convinced them to just break fast in my hotel room coz its gonna be really crowded downstairs at Pavilion.. so yeah me and Shirr brought back my favourite chickennnnnn from Kyochon.. yummmm.. spicy fried chickennn and honey fried chicken.... now im salivating just thinking about it.. oh yes.... spicyyyy.... but yummyyyy.. to the core.. 

anddd.. dessertsss.,,, is servedddd... 

and why not.... since im in KL... lets visit JM kejapppp je... and.. voilaaa... money spending like out of control.. 

dont have to say more.. bow to the queen. 

and yes..... of course.. the best KL getaway so far..... 

i sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.. and ready to fly back to Sarawak the next day becauseeeeee..... RAYA!!!!!!!! 

madam President :p

ready to check out.. got early flight back to Sibu.. then another flight back to Mukah.... sigh... 

ok... bye.....