Tuesday, 8 March 2016


2015 girl trip 

are you a student? not enough money to travel? have big dreams? want to backpack to Bali with only RM500 but still wanna do it in style?  same la kite....

spend only RM500 in one of the most romantic destination in the world. Spend little, enjoy more.

Hi!!! it's me, Reggie. obviously im gonna post first since i havent given Mardy the password to this site haha. ok, I have decided that the first thing i wanna talk about in this post is how much we have spent on our very first trip abroad together. :) since we were still doing our internship when we suddenly decided to go to Bali!!!!!, we didnt have much. Masa tu depend dgn duit elaun rm 700 sebulan.. wuwuwuw.. duduk Damansara, naik keta p tempat keja needed a lot of money.. We barely survive that month. Me and Mardy, we were talking about our future in the cafeteria about how we want to do a solo travel. so long story short, the first place that popped in my mind would of course be Bali, Indonesia. i donno. i have been planning since the past two years but have no guts to do so.. anyway....

stay tuned.. i have listed all of our spending below. how i use only RM500 for my trip to BALI. #Balispending #backpacking in Bali with style. 

entah tetiba nk masok laman web skyscanner.com and ngecek flight ticket to Bali.. uuuuu.. dapat la dalam rm 480+ return with Airasia. Elaun dapat RM700 je sebulan. wuwuwuw.. tolak tiket flight da tinggal cukup makan and bayar minyak keta nk p intern. sedey kot. tp xpe... Mardy cakap " xpe.. buat dulu.. duit cari kemudian" since then both of us have been living with that motto.. haha.. do first, money later... 

how we got money eventually? we worked.. at a mall nearby our condo. yep.. my first experience as well.. ok.. back to the point. 

tiket flight 480+ MYR

we booked a flight that Friday night coz it was the cheapest . n booked a return flight on Sunday night. ok dalam purse ade rm500 yg da di convert jadi IDR1601721.74 uuuuu.. bejuta juta juta...  tp ingat... Bali is a tourist attraction.. walaupun 2 hari 2 malam, angus jgak semua tu sey.. sigh.. spent all though..

dlm flight sempat bli air bagai sbb haus. haha.. xingat la bpe ribu.. rasa ny air dlm IDR9000 (RM3 masa tu)

smpai Ngurah Rai airport at about 11.30 pm that night... kami x check in luggage so selamat la dari menunggu ketibaan beg jadinya bergerak la terus ke gate depan.... berjalan dan berjalan sambil 'wow' kan suasana airport Bali. very unique and beautiful airport. it's very big and fantastic with all the unique architecture design and marbles and colours and the statues on the walls, ceiling and floors. it's very clean, cultural and modern at the same time. i loved it! truly. 

As it was our first time, we didnt really sure of which cab to pursue so we just followed the majority of tourists at the airport. We went and paid a cab for..wait for it... a 5 minute drive to our guesthouse and it costed like IDR85,000.. (RM26) what the bloody hell. i genuinely didnt expect that our guesthouse would be very near to the airport. haha.. my bad. 

because we had to spend wisely, i decided that we stay at a dorm at Bali Semesta Hostel. bunk beds, shared bathroom. all that backpacking stuff that you have to be comfortable with..hey.. im cool with anything as long as i have a place to stay and have a nice shower.. 

first night- Bali Semesta Hotel, Kuta IDR 75,000 per person (RM23+)

check out the next day and went to Ubud Bali

the pathway to our hostel
a friendly local kid at our dorm
Bali Semesta Hostel

locals and owners of Bali Semesta hotel, Kuta (5 minutes drive from the Ngurah Rai airport)

oh... i got some hooks from my girlfriend in Damansara for our ride. she got a cousin who is a local in Bali so we rented his car for two days straight, with him as our driver and bodyguard haha to drive us around. it costed IDR1,000,000. equivalent to RM300+. jadi Mardy and I bahagi dua la.. RM150 sorang utk ride 2 hari 2 malam. 

Second night- Dewangga Bungalow Ubud IDR 145,000 (1 room king size bed private bathroom) 

IDR145,000 sama dgn RM45.30+. so i bahagi dengan Mardy sorang pay about RM22/23 cm tu.. 

Taman Dewangga House, Jalan Sriwedari No 18, Taman Kelod, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, 80511
Dewangga House +62 812-3977-6766

Places we visited during our trip:

- Double Six Seminyak beach


-Pasar Seni SukaWati 

i think i spent a  lot here.. for keychains, fridge magnets, tshirts etc. 
i think i spent about RM100


-Ubud Monkey forest

-Uluwatu water Temple (IDR20,000) RM6.26

the best view that i have ever seen in my life. i felt like i just wanna exist there forever. peaceful, calm over viewing the blue ocean, sky and just 100% nature. 30 minutes hike and with that view, i could walk forever.

-Bajra Sandhi Monument Bali (free)

We went to Bajra Sandhi after spending some quality time at Sanur beach enjoying the sunset on the other side of the world. yes, the sky is brighter on the opposite side of the world. Therefore, travel.

-Sanur Beach 

(free entrance, if by car just pay for parking tickets around IDR5,000)
oh yes.. patut mcm ade lupa something.. IDR50,000 utk urut kaki hahaha, in Sanur beach. xyah cari, org cari u nk urut kaki.. layan je lah..

-Pandawa beach (free entrance) 

the best beach everrrrrr.... in Bali!! very highly recommended. beautiful sand, blue ocean with very blue sky. many activities were done there; kayaking, skiing, paragliding, banana boat, coupley stuff in the water, uughh..

-Tanah Lot Temple (entrance fee IDR30,000) RM9.39

taking a picture with a snake, that costed me IDR50,000 (RM15.65) Mardy got ot do some spiritual thing out of respect for the locals. she was asked to splash her face with water coming from the cave of the temple before entering it.. i donno... 



- Kuta Beach (free to visit)

meriah.... sangat
we were about to head to the airport, stopped by Kuta beach for a second to visit Bali Hard Rock and what not

restaurants and bars and cafe etc:

-Kuta Starbucks 

i forgot on how much i have spent on Caramel hot chocolate.  i lost the receipt. nvm
very friendly cashier. cute too. 

-Ibu Rai Bar and Restaurant Ubud

spent IDR100,000 (RM31.30)  per person for a set of meal. (we dine like the riches :p) very classic, fancy and tourist friendly restaurant. i love the ambiance of the restaurant at night. it was calm and romantic. I'm glad that we dine in Ibu Rai as it has good service too. 

-Bamboo Bar and Restaurant, Ubud

ono-ono smoothie drink IDR 28,000 (RM8.76) and gin and tonic IDR 60,000 (RM18.78)

we spent our last night in this bar, enjoying the music and dances. art, music, culture, all in one place. 

-D'Joglo Beach Bar and Restaurant, Double Six, Seminyak (free to visit)

many other restaurant and bars too. very ideal to go during sunset. i recommend La Plancha Bar and restaurant at sunset.. 

im pretty sure i've spent IDR 70,000 (RM21.91) there for orange juice and pasta chicken something

-Hard Rock, Bali (free to visit)

oh... forgot about the bakso... bakso xingat la bpe hargaaaa... IDR10,000 kot 
tepi jalan je.. tp sedap... yummm 

my personal spendings:

hostel and hotel RM23+ RM23
cab dr airport RM26
food and drinks RM21.91 + RM31.30 + RM3 + RM8.76 
entrance fees RM9.39 + RM6.26 
souvenirs RM100
car rent my half RM150
snake photo RM15.65
anggaran lain2 seperti starbucks, jagung panggang, minuman ringan dan jajan RM50

total : RM468 anggaran kasar ok... roughly! masa balik dr Bali tinggal IDR 25,000 je dlm wallet haha..  excluding flight tiket heeee
kalau korang jenis yg x kuat mkn x memilih, blh dpt kurang dr RM450. Ni sebab Mardy and I da budget nk abiskn RM500 tu.. so, mkn la fancy bagai kn..