Sunday, 27 March 2016


Breakfast like a king every day

This is how much Mardy and I love Tous Le Jous.. calories? what calories.. let me eat in peace!! we fancy and casual Tous Le Jous Empire Damansara. convenient coz we used to live just upstairs. how i miss this!! 

  • price: reasonable..
  • taste: heaven
  • space and comfort: divine. 

they got a lot of pastries, cakes, and breakfast meals. thumbs up.. sllrrpp. the best would be cheese bun!!! 

our favourite!!! cheese bun.. yummm and hot chocolate!

choc mousse

that California girl vibe she got... ;)

having this for breakfast everyday.. boleh kencing manis klau stay sini lama2

i love this petite macaroon.. oooh la la 

and also.. we fancy the outdoor table because it makes us feel like we were in California.. lol

this very cute breakfast cafe is really comfortable and clean. dont be intimidated to come in. walk in just like u own one of the loft house there. haha. be au naturel..

sometimes Mardy and i masok cuci mata because we were on a so called diet. hahaha.. hidu bau pastry yg segar.. pastu keluar balik.. its ok. depa x marah kikikiki.. depa greet manis2 lagi.. 

ok la.... 

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