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Why? you asked? because it's very sophisticated, rich and fancy!! we spent the night in the Grand Club KING room for RM900+ a night

well, after a long week of internship early in the morning and work from 3pm till 10pm at night.. we deserved to have a break.. where? you asked? lets try something fancy for a change ha.. 

what's a Grand club? 

Club Rooms measure approximately 47 square metres and are located on the higher floors of the hotel. The Club Rooms have similar features to those of the Grand Rooms. A sizeable workstation next to the windows equipped with high-speed Internet access provides guests with an area ideal for their business needs. A 42-inch LED television and individual Wireless Application Protocol in each room will meet the entertainment needs of any guest, while the comfort of our luxurious king bed and pillows provides a night of restful sleep. Guests staying in a Grand Club Room can enjoy access to the Grand Club Lounge offering daily complimentary continental breakfast, light refreshments throughout the day, evening cocktails and canap├ęs, complimentary Internet access and a dedicated Grand Club Concierge. Club Room guests are also entitled to a complimentary laundry service for two pieces of laundry per stay.

(copied from the website (http://kualalumpur.grand.hyatt.com/en/hotel/rooms/grand-club.html) click to go to hotel website.

We got a room on the 22nd floor if i recalled. 
price per night?

kalau according to booking.com RM913 per night. 
kita stay semalam je k.... 

location: 12, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


all photos are taken by owner of blog

all photos are taken by owner of blog

mesmerized by the awesomeness of the room. spacious for just the three of us. 

the most awesomest, best lookingest room ive ever been to

our CLUB KING size room

:) wink! how can you not love life?

rasa mcm nak MC hari2 xnak g kje... nk stay hotel je manjang.. everything is so wonderful here. marble floor, marble walls, marble tub.. uggh.. we have our own closet space for crying out loud..and also a tub that is clean and comfortable and not disgusting at all, we could eat in it! serious... tak tipu... saya n mardy makan MCD masa mandi.. hahahaha x caye? 

MCD tu call delivery pukul 2 pagi.. lapa. haha.. balik keje trus check in hotel. 
terima kasih abg delivery MCDonalds. pukul 1-3 pagi pun masih gigih kerja deliver berger kita... respect! The rest of the drinks and chocolates were complimentary from the hotel.. awww.. sayang Grand Hyatt!

this is the shower area

sink area

and of course... the sleeping areaaaaaaa (posing pemujaan syaiton le tu)
muat ni 3 orang ladies 1 katil.. nyenyak gila tidur smpai bangun x ingat nak g keje da..nasib baik saturday.. tapi saturday pun kita kena masuk kje tau pkul 10 pagi haha.. mmng ponteng la.. kejap je.. alang2 check out pukul 12 kn. 

posing memuja beliss

just kidding.. caption2 tu jgn la amik hati sgt.. orang gurau je lah.. hihihihihi.. 

my bum so serious cari tiket nk fly ke Australia masa ni..
office space yg sgt best.. mmbelakangkan wide window.. very romantic and adorable. tv pun boleh adjust. ke kiri sikit ke.. ke kanan lagi ke.. ikut keselesaan kita kt katil.. 

sink area yg terus ke toilet, powder table, shower area, and closet space. puas hati... setiap celah ade cermin!

before check out, menyempat kt swimming pool kejap, release stress kerja swimming guna baju tido buat muka selamba

ladies room kt area swimming pool. how delightful

yes.. after swimming kt bawah.. we bring the party upstairs to our room.
dont worry.. its just Perrier haha.. drinking sparkling mineral water of course... in the bath tub! how else can you drink it.
menghabiskan semua complimentary drinks yg ade lam bilik haha...gasak jk 

at the end of the day..... we were bloated and memerlukan ayam penyet baiya,,,,, x g kerja pun hri tu.. ponteng. opps.. sorry Raf (bukan nama sebenar bos)! 

and......that's the end of our Grand Hyatt experience!!!! 5 stars in deed

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