Monday, 20 June 2016



 HI GUYS....... im sorry for the long wait ya..... heeeeeeeeeee

kalau malas nk baca panjang bawah sekali ada summary perbelanjaan k... have fun reading tq :) i highlighted some important features too so that its easy for you to scan and screen 

So basically, i wanna talk about my solo trip to Siem Reap Cambodia recently, im very excited. first of all i would like to say sorry sebab mungkir janji heeeee.... i didnt bring my laptop to Siem Reap so i couldnt give you guys any updates while i was there. lima hari kat Siem Reap macam lama tau sebab xbawak laptop. because  i think 3 days is enough kalau nk g solo pun.. its a beautiful place but....... ok you'll find out soon 

so here goes. i took a flight from KL to siem reap at about 1.05 pm on the 30th of May 2016 from KLIA2. there was no wifi in the flight.. bummer. :( booked a window seat and extra 2 more seats just for me. worth it. uuuuu da lama tak tulis.. i feel so awkward and stupid. aishh. so the flight i took was direct from KLIA2 to Siem Reap by Airasia Rm200 including insurans n seat selection. (one way) i was seating at 6A!! and the rest of the seats (B and C) were empty too.. so it was very comfortable. 

oh well. 

smpai di Siem Reap around 3 something pm (local Cambodian time). oh ya, di Cambodia jam dia lambat sejam tau. so kalau d Malaysia pkul 9 pm, d Cambodia its 8 pm.. ok? 

so, da smpai airport, all Malaysia passport holders xpayah g beratur for visa or anything. just go straight to immigration check point. i got this old man stamping my passport and he was very friendly. i was awkward though hahaha.. he was like "cantik. awak sangat cantik. selamat tengahari" im like wow.. u can speak malay.. great. im sorry im not rude but im really really really really shy !!!!! heee 

lepas siap stamping semua, i gotta find myself a cab. i was nervous of course because i was alone and i read a lot of things before coming here. and everybody kept telling me that its very dangerous to travel to Cambodia alone as a lot of kidnapping happened there. a friend even begging me not to go he was like "can i side with your mom this time, please don't go, it is literally a third world country" i was like.. come on, i bought the tickets, and im going, ok?. 

so, i went to the ticketing counter and told them my destination and they gave me a blue cab (luxury car) it cost about 7 dollars to get to my hostel which is at the Artisan Road,Old Market Areas.so, i will stay at the Luxury Concept hostel for the rest of my trip. 

sesampai je d hostel, saya terus check in dan bayar about usd21 utk 4 nights meh.. murah right?.. sebelum fly da set bajet nk bawak berapa so xleh nk lari dari bajet... dlm poket ada 250 usd saje xkurang xlebih.. challenge accepted !

yes muka soooo happy bila dpat tau dlm dorm ade dua org je termasok la saya sendiri hiihihihihi.. x la segan sgt hahaha nanti kantoi antisocial

so da smpai tu xtau nk buat ape.. haha.. laptop xbwak.. n i planned to go Angkor Complex on Wednesday. da janji dgn driver taxi. so berjalan la sekitar hostel cari tmpt mkn. unfortunately dia xserve mkn siang2.. mlm je.. wuwuwuuw
so, turun bawah nmpak ade tuktuk tunggu dia terus offer n tanye nk g mane.. so i said i wanted to go to a Muslim restaurant.. so yeah he brought me there.. x smpai 5 minit pun.. so upah tuktuk just 1usd heeee. makan kt situ ayam sup n air kelapa fresh. xleh nk mkn nasi coz gigi bru pasang braces. tpksa la dduk kt situ 2 jam tunggu sup ayam tu sejuk wuwuwuw.. derita. total bayar utk makan dlm 6 usd. hmm.. its a lot expensive.. bukan ade nasi pun.. xpe lah.. 

lpas tu ingat2 lupa jalan nk balik hostel.. jalan kaki je la.. nak try cari jln balik sendiri. jln punya jln sesat sikit. berjalan smpai terjumpa night market and pub street. hahaha.. pastu mengalah naik tuktuk cari hostel. 

naik tuktuk xsmpai 2 minit pun smpai hostel daaa!! what hahah senang nye jln. mmng  Luxury Concept hostel tu strategic la lokasi dia.. dekat dgn masjid, tmpt mkn and paling penting tmpt shopping. 

Luxury concept Hostel, Artisan Road, Old Market areas, Siem Reap cambodia.

the hostel is very nice, clean and it has its own convenient store at the lobby. it is also strategically located near a shopping mall, night market and pub street, even along the way to the night market there are salons and spa.. hemaigadd.. hakak takuad... 

a pretty bar on top of the hostel. i didnt hang out here tho. 

night market area at day time

and my first tuktuk ride yayyyy 

gua tempat iols bertafakur selama 5 hari 4 mlm. bilik ade aircond. selesa.

summary perbelanjaan day 1 

tiket flight one way to siem reap from kl RM200
taxi fare from airport to hostel usd7 equals to rm29
hostel 21usd 4 nights equals to rm86
makan fresh coconut and chicken soup 6usd equals to rm25
tuktuk 2usd rm8

ok ill continue with part 2 soon ya!!!! thank you for reading reggieandmardy.blogspot.my