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spoiler alert*** i went to visit an NGO school in Tapang when i was in Combodia. bnyak fun ooo

good morning lads and gents.. as promised, i am now working on a part 2 and 3 of my solo trip to Combodia. so here goes. i cant postpone this any longer... kerja makin berlambak nk masuk cuti raya ni.. teacher gotta work son! nk cari duit raya nk bagi adik2 n anak2 kucing meow wuwuwuuw... 

so this is Sea 
so the second day, i had an appointment with Sea from the Cambodian Child's Dream Organization. Sea is cool.. he explained a lot to me about the organization he's in and it opened my eyes about the kind of things i could do to help others in the future. he's actually the managing director of CCDO. so that morning at 7.45 he picked me up from the hostel with his tuktuk driver and he brought me to the CCDO school. :) 

yay.. i was excited sebab he said the ride will take about half an hour. hahaha.. i donno why i was so excited. probably the idea that im gonna be in a tuktuk for 30 minutes is exciting (nose exhale instead of LOL)

perkarangan sekolah CCDO group


i get to meet the teachers at the school;English teachers, PE teachers, food manager(i forgot his name sorrryyyy) and also the principal
i also met them personally after that, hung out a little bit.. they are nice people.. :) so blessed to meet nice people overseas u got to witness variety of personalities.

Sea also told me about their soccer game. sometimes they will have this competition against other NGOs in their area and their girls soccer team have won for two years straight. unlucky for the boys team though. looks like the girls run the madafak*** world :p just saying hihi.. i encountered the kids while i was visiting the classes but they were very shy.. just like me. haha so i understand how they feel. its cool bro. i got u. 

some kids i encountered while visiting the classes
i also got to see a lot of the interventions at the school. before there were water pipes built, they used to have their own tools as sinks and what not. i was quite impressed coz it was refreshing to see how they got very creative in making their own watering/cleaning 'pot' i guess.. i dont really know how to explain though so im just gonna show u.


so basically they hung this big ass bottles, right. and there is water inside too... they have holes on them on the side. then the cap of the bottle is tied with a rope and the rope is then connected to a long stick on the ground. so, how u use it is that u just step on the stick so the bottle will be imbalanced resulting water coming out from the hole that they poked on the side of the bottle. haaahh... how was my explanation??? u can use this to clean your hands voiilaaa.. 

Sea also asked me to join the kids in the library to do some reading. i read English books to the students and they were actually good. there were some slight errors on pronunciation of English words but they understood the meaning mostly. 

after doing some reading with the kids, i told them a little bit about our country and the place our work as u know.. i am a real TEACHER!!!! i didnt just go here for no reason duuhh. they were excited to see my Year 2 kids. they said my Year 2 kids are big and looked very matured haha.. i never saw it that way though.. but they actually are. thanks guys

this is a picture of the secondary level students. oh, btw the education system here does not differentiate kids by their age as such in Malaysia. they class the kids according to their ability to comprehend the level of that class. so in a class, there will be kids among 12 year olds, 13 year olds and so on. i think this system works pretty well if compared to how my year 1 pupils are in my class right now haha my plates are full. if u think teaching is an easy job, u are crazy.

the workers are currently building a new volleyball court for the school, as in Combodia volleyball is such a big hit. however according to Sea they dont really play for sportsmanship ahaha.. they play for money.. true story. my taxi driver also confirms it. :p sorry i didnt get a picture of the kids playing though. was busy taking selfies

i also learned that a lot of countries participated in the development n wellbeing of this organization. a well being made by CCDO UK, USA, toilets built by CCDO South Korea, stationaries n books in the library sent from neighbouring countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore. i havent seen anything from Malaysia n i hope i can help change that. if anyone is interested in donating books or stationaries or even old clothes that dont fit anymore, u can contact me at leanaleasz@gmail.com i will put together all of the stuff to b packed and send to Sea. these kids also need clothes for sports activities and what not. 


so after that visit, Sea and Sai brought me back to my hostel and Sea promised to take me out to sea Siem Reap later that day.. so... till part 3 guys hihihihihih 

tq for reading muuahh 

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