Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Balik dari Combodia, teacher stay dekat Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur for 3 nights. :) syok.... ade org belanja.. murah betul ezeki. thumbs up!! cun pulak balik dr trip Siem Reap-Singapore.. i ran out of cash.. no place to stay. and have nothing to do till my flight on Thursday.. gosh. God gave me miracle..! double the fun. alhamdulillah... got to stay in KL for 3 nights masa bulan puasa lagi.... sambung vacation in KL la ape lagi... thank u thank u thank u.. 

i stayed alone for the rest of the night... Ivy stayed with me for only the last night tho coz she has class to attend. its ok.. i had fun.. :) its Concorde anyway... room service is always the best!!! destroying the room while i was alone listening to loud music and ordering room service coz i just received payment for my travel blog! bla bla bla

came back from combodia, tanned.. rested and alone.. surrounded by enormous piles of money.. hahaha.. just kidding. 

did some shopping while i was there... received very expensive gifts.. n piles of pocket money to be spent for the rest of my stay in KL. how did i get so lucky. auummm

voilaa... welcome to my sweet room.. how wonderful life could get when u are just nice to people.. u get free stuff all the way. and they all like to go big or go nothing at all.. but remmber to stay low and give back to other poeple tho. because why??  the higher u get to the top, the harder u fall. we've all been there. this is a lesson i have learnt not too long ago just after our amazing trip to Korea. all was fun and games till reality hits and we had nothing left. literally nothing. the lowest peak of our lives and i donno if i cud survive if i were alone.. or any of us were. 

each one of us supported each other just to survive for a few weeks later on. we got up. rub some dirt on it n promised to always b thankful for everything we had. because when God give u something good finally, He can always take it back. so, always say Alhamdulillah when something good finally happens.. or simpy for having a good day everyday. its a gift.. coz not everyone gets to have a good day everyday.

anyway... the only thing i mind about this hotel is that they dont have bidet.. :(

i tend to berak a lot hahahahha.. oppps.. well, after my Combodia trip i got this bitch stomachache n i got diarhea for 3 days straight.. gosh... everytime buang msti kna mndi coz x selesa.. they dont even have that spray thing in the jamban.. u know the water spraying directly into ur butt hole.. hahaha.. not even that... just tissue!!! i kenot! im sorry.. i cant. i need to cuci everything with clean water. so everytime mengebom toilet mmng tpksa mandi lagi.. n lagi... aishh.. nasib baik the shower was nice.. i like it.. u know i like mirrors. n shower heads. im a shower kind a girl.. not really a bath tub girl. well, maybe sometimes.. but id choose shower head over bath tubs any day. 

so.. during my shopping day... we went to KLCC!!!! so convinient... can walk meh.. only took 5-10 minutes or so.. walking from the hotel to KLCC. good exercise bulan puasa haha

got myself a new case for my phone. and FYI it was a new phone. someone decided to surprise me with this new 6s 128gb space grey iphone bcause my phone broke after the trip. well, not exactly broken tho. the unlock button has gone haha.. storage capacity was also full and it kept on switching off by itself. alhamdulillah.. thank u to the person who hadiahkan iphone utk kita... x sangka. its like a dream. i tot i was  reallly dreaming. 

da la hadiahkan iphone... boleh lagi bg extra surprise Apple watch!.. sejuk2 tangan org yg menerima. hahaha... ok.. thank u sgt2. xsangka holiday/misi volunteer d Cambodia dpt balasan smpai mcm ni rezeki melimpah ruah.. sape2 yg tolong doakan murah rezeki tu terima kasih bnyak2 :)

hihihihhhihhhhihihihi.... the sayang!

 syaitonirajiimmm... tp.. ini semua keperluan.. percaya lah. sis xcukup bra hahahahhaha

dah surrounded by enormous piles of money td, dpt la shopping berbagai2 d KLCC.. hakak takuad.. the sayanggg tolong me!!! im so greedy n boros!! hemaigad. baju hard rock my kawan sponsor coz dia janji nk belikan baju di India but he forgot.. so he belanja i baju Hard Rock KL instead since senang je nk bagi.. hard rock KL bwah hotel je. dkat lobby.. after my marketing meeting at the hotel lounge and restaurant.. Ivy and i pon balik bilik and had a good nap :) 

malam meeting marketing with datuk.. :) business strategy n what not.. selling tutus!!! are you ready for my new instagram account? it will be launched soon hopefully. right now teacher still got a lot of stuff to handle.. ok... one at a time. muahhh... sabarunn...

we had a lovely time.. :) i was very happy. tanned and rested.... my vacation went perfectly!! even better than i expected bcause i have never expected it to b this good! who cud.. look at me. im perfectly a nobody. 

berjimba2 kami dua beli barang.. she bought one lugagge for herself sbb nk bawak pi London.. ooooo lalalala..n i bought one for myself too because of all the lugagges i have i dont have cabin size nye. hahaha.. so... bought one! thank God! senang nk travel during the weekend getaway.. backpack2 jgak... weekend getaway sometimes teacher nk sorong je... ade masalah urat simpul kt bahu ni haa... kesian sikit.. xleh nk backpack lama2... klau da oversea tu xpe la.. mmng kna gagah sikit tmpt org. xleh nk diva sgt. best of both world!! 

berjimba jimba me and niez bukak posa di secret recipe.. yum.... with my braces on... mmbazir.. xabis i punye black pepper chicken chop.. sedeh... kena makan slow2 n sikit2. lpas tu cpat kenyang.. ughhh... sayang nye mknn x abis.. kesian. 

anyway.... i had a great time at Concorde hotel. thank you for the room service. thank you for a very warm welcome :) lovely hotel with lovely staffs. 5 stars! 

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