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HAI GUYS... SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN... so, macam biasa..kalau ada event je teacher mesti hilang haha sorry tau.. maaf sangat2.. ni baru ade kesempatan nk tulis sikit2.. 

so, on the third entry of my solo trip to Siem Reap, Combodia i would like to tell you about my trip to the Angkor complex.. yayyyyyy.. excited!!

so. on Wednesday, June 1st, i decided to visit the Angkor complex with my taxi driver. i bought the entrance ticket for about 20usd for one whole day. my Combodian friends adviced me to purchase the one with 3 days visit but i dont think i wanna see temples for the whole 3 days im there. the first time i went i was like "ok i think i have had enough of temples fort today" lol. as it was so hot. i was bringing my backpack, a 2 litre mineral water and i was wearing the wrong damn shoes!!! i brought my Timberland but i dont even understand why i chose to wear my goddamn boots to the temples.... stupid! big mistake!!!

this is the ticket used to enter Angkor complex. mcm passport k.. kena amik gambar dulu kt kaunter dia siap print atas tiket hahaha... non tranferable la tu kot. nasib baik my hair was on point. tho they seemed to have mistaken me as local Combodian. 

u know what, i made a new friend at Angkor Wat!!! his name is Craig :) from the US. he saw me taking selfies in front of the Angkor gate n what not so he decided to say hi.. i said hi back.. we were instant friends!! haha so easy to make friends overseas..as i had no anxiety whatsoever. strangers whom are friendly tend to be those who were travelling alone, just like me and Craig. we walked inside the Angkor Wat for about 2 hours or so, the place was huge! i hurt my legs on the first visit to the first temple. wth. 

but it was all worth it tho. the pain, the heat, the time and the money, i wouldnt trade this experience for anything else, and im sure glad that i decided to do this by myself. i witnessed a lot of incredible things on my journey to siem Reap. the view is spectacular, truly amazing n original. 

the view on my way out of Angkor Wat

sweats started to drip as the sun was getting higher in the sky. i forgot to put on any sunblock, only Sendayu Tinggi doll makeup foundation with a little mascara and lipstick on.. thumbs up. i became less of a girly girl since i started travelling. yay for me! cut budgets on makeup hahahaha.. 

Craig and I continued our journey inside Angkor Wat. as we strolled around i took some pictures of myself and the surroundings of the temple.. magnificient and breathtaking. ive never seen something so put into place like, the architecture of the place is something else ive never seen before. they told me some history about the building of the temple tho but i have forgotten a lot as i have been occupied with other stuff since i came back :p heeee

the inside of Angkor Wat
though it is considered as tourist attraction, the temple is still active.. by active i mean people still come there to pray, not just to visit and taking pictures and what not. i dont really know why i am into temples. ive been interested to visit temples since forever. i think its probbly coz of the unique architecture as i really love visiting and taking pictures of unique buildings wherever i go, hence, the interest in visiting temples as there arent many temple where i came from. the paradox is that i have the chance to travel and find it in many other places and still be interested when i found one i like. the bigger the building is, the better.. 

thanks for the shot Craig!  tho i dont apppreciate the guy in red staring, oh well. im never gonna see u again so... stare away!

 the area was so spacious. the surroundings seemed similar to the other. i mean i donno if i cud get lost tho.. in daylight, probably not. but i would challenge someone to go there during the night, with a flashlight and nothing else.. u'll cry.. while crawling finding the exit through the temple. 

Craig, appreciating the beauty of the building

i climbed up very steep stairs in my boots, for this view.. so enjoy lah.. i have no time to edit the picture to make it look like it just came out of a dslr camera.. sorry tho... too busy with work n all. 

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